Thursday, June 26, 2003

monday, on the way home from the supermarket, carrying a four pack of rigos under one arm, dirk and i passed by two obviously homeless punks sitting at a bächle near my place, begging.
the two were in good spirits, jokingly shouting at us "hey folks, how are you? can we have one of your rigos?"

"well, blokes, usually, sure thing, but it's my birthday today, and we're doing some partying so we need all four of them. but next time, i'll give you one, alright?" i replied.

"oh, it's your birthday? cool! congratulations!"

the two of them offered me handshakes and well wishes, and i graciously accepted them. after a short little chat, dirk and i got going again, and they shouted after us wishing us a great day and telling us that they'd smoke some dope in my honour that night, which i laughed about and thanked them for.

yesterday afternoon, the two of them were sitting at the exact same spot again, and i walked past them on the way back from the supermarket.

"hey blokes, how are you today?".

both were in great spirits, recognising me, asking how my birthday went. "you gonna be here for another few minutes?", i asked, "if you'll be here for another half an hour, i'll go home and get you the leftover rigo i still have from monday, what do you reckon?".

an offer that wasn't refused.

thirty minutes later, i get back to them, giving them that last rigo, icecold from my fridge. they seem amazed i kept my word, and laugh, and so do i. we chat some more, i ask how they are, how long they'll stay in town, and whether there is anything else i can do. i tell them that i'd prefer giving them something a bit better than booze, like something to eat, if they wanted. they tell me that yeah, they hadn't had anything proper to eat all day and that they'll stay in town till the weekend, before moving down to zürich. i tell them that next time i see them this week, i'll get them something proper, if they want, which the two tell me would be cool.
i got to go and tell them "look after yourself, you two cuties (which they are, really) i'll see you around later this week."

before i rush off though, the one sporting a mohawk tells me he still has a birthday pressie for me, and hands me a a scrap of paper, containing enough pot for one joint.

i smile as i walk away, and for much of the evening, when thinking about those two, and in what great mood they are, despite it all. they seemed happier than many.

i realsied that sharing stuff you enjoy yourself (no matter whether its just dope and booze), and friendliness and talking and connecting, no matter how brief the period of time is, no matter how different someone seems to be compared to yourself, are seriously good things, that light up your day.