Thursday, June 19, 2003

i asked kyth for five questions, you know, that meme thing. just because. and here they are. thanks, kyth.

1. what made you decide to be a lawyer?
well done kyth, tough one, this one. truth be told, i started doing law (and i am still not done yet, bad me, after all) because doing what i really wanted to do - journalism and writing, going to a certain journalism school in hamburg- didn't seem like an option when little me finished high school. my parents wouldn't have paid for it.
i thought "i'll do this, quickly, and then do what i really want to do", because i was too young to go to that journalism school anyway, and because they liked people to have degrees there, anyway.
somewhere along the line, in the middle of law school, if you will, i lost track and started to think -doubtlessly being borg-style assimilated by the mediocre people at law school- that i liked law, and wanted to do it. i even somehow started to think that i wanted the whole high paying, soul-stealing firm thing. so i worked at andersen, back when they hadn't sold their law department to ernst & young. it felt good, being the evil one, dressing up appropriately, what have you, but deep down i really really hated the work there, just being locked up in tiny rooms without ever seeing clients, editing contracts worth 43 million euro.
all the while, i hated law school, and never really got into the swing of things - it just didn't feel like my territory, my way of thinking, my passion. no wonder, really.
a little while later, i discovered that i actually truly, genuinely like an area of law, intellectual property. i subsequently worked at two firms in melbourne, doing pretty much solely ip (once lots of technical stuff, once kinda glamourous and litigation heavy), and realised that yes, i can really do this law thing if i want to, i can enjoy this, actually, and it can be something i like doing.
will i ever be a lawyer? i am not sure. i do know though that i will graduate, and what i will do then, i'll see. even if i continue on to do articles, i hope to take all those cool journalism school entrance exams i always wanted to take, just because. if i continue law, it might end up being ip, it might end up being something else. i realised sometime these past few days, that i might not feel good working in such a money-focused world, helping make rich folks richer.
but i will see, i guess.

2. what was the most challenging thing you've ever done?
plan emigration to australia. and eventually let go of that plan.
it was my dearest wish, my most important plan, for several years. it was my future, my entire future. at times, it felt like an unmanagable plan. - there was so much planning involved, so many things that needed consideration, that i lost track of the reason, the love that was supposed to be the reason for the move. it isolated and depressed me, and when it finally dawned on me how bad this plan was for me, it took several months to let go of it. but when i did, when i packed the brochures and the books and the leaflets on how to fill out your applications, it felt like a burden was lifted off my shoulders.

3. what do you believe in?
i believe in a higher, all-surrounding power that has many expressions and that is visible in every living thing. i believe in love, in the wisdom of the bhagavad gita, in the now.

4. given the choice: fame or fortune? Why?
fortune. to -as cliche as it sounds- donate it to a good cause (something feminist, empowering, or human rights related) or my swamis ashram. who'd want fame? for what? i see little purpose and point in fame, and all those pop stars, pop idol shows, all those soaps, show that.

5. what are ten things you simply can't live without?
love, a small circle of close friends, yoga, books, music, blogging, dreams, a rigo every once in a while, living things around me, a bike.

if you want five, as well, leave a comment with email addie, and they shall come your way.