Monday, June 16, 2003

herzlich willkommen: jens - der literarische solist.

dirk's best and oldest friend, blogs, too. i've been sneak-reading his writings for a little while - ever since dirk told me he knew all about online writing because his best friend was doing it, too, after i disclosed that i spend time online, doing this blogging thing.
the three of us, dirk, jens and i, we had an entertaining little threesome phone call yesterday. i was at dirk's place when jens called to give him the thumbs up after seeing some pictures i had put online for dirk. in the process of our talk, i also got official permission to read and link. which is all fine and dandy. danke!
it's a fine line to walk, this openess, this writing for many to see, especially if these are people i know or shall get to know in real life or people i love. tina was the first (besides evan, who never used it) to be given access, and since then, i've come a long way. opening up, being honest always means opening up for potential hurt and pain, risking showing "too much", whatever that "too much" is.

but there is no other way than this.