Sunday, May 04, 2003

life is good. no, let me correct myself: life is fucking brilliant.

i had the most delightful night out last night, with claudia from yoga, and two of her friends. - it was the first time we ever hung out outside yoga class, and i am sure it wasn't the last time.

kicked off the evening with cocktails at jackson pollock bar, ogling blokes and discussing life, and then moved on to jazzhaus. hadn't been there in ages, and had forgotten what a decent, attitude-free place full of diverse people, and free of chart music it is. it was "funky dance night - djs meet live musicians", and the musicians were rachel morrison & meeker, who had played a concert there earlier that night. they were extremely energetic, you could feel how much they enjoyed playing, tom morrison, the guitarist, was extremely attractive, and the music was funky, melodic and highly danceable. - just what i needed, really: we danced for two hours straight.

so still no full night of sleep for me - was up and running by 8am, after maybe 5 hours of sleep, because the sun was shining into my room, and so i went to the gym for an upper body work out and a nicely taxing hour of spinning. i think i will now spend a good part of the afternoon napping. - so unusual that i have been living on so very little sleep lately. really have to be careful not be totally out of energy by mid-week.

it's a lovely day today - warm and sunny, the air is clean and the sky blue, i'm wearing a denim skirt that's falling off my hips and a bonds singlet, and it feels very promising, this summer.
i can't remember feeling this alive, this well, this energised in years.

but i am not complaining, at all.