Thursday, May 29, 2003

"it's kind of hard to rush to your defence
when i agree wholeheartedly with all that has been said
you're cold, too self-assured by half
controlled, like pouring water from a tap into a glass

i'm not about to give you what you want
'cos i think you've had your own way now for far too fucking long
it's gone sour, tastes bitter on my tongue
spent hours wasting, wait for something good to come along

if i knew then what i know now
i guess i would have still have loved you
(did you love me, did you know how?)
it's funny but i love you now
just like i loved you then, i can't pretend
but that was how it started, this is how it ends

and i've been on a steady downward slide
but now i'm sick and tired of sick and tired
it's time to make things right
it's fine, i'm thinking of myself and mine
and me, not you or them or anybody else"

"that was how it started, this is how it ends"