Wednesday, May 21, 2003

it's been a rainy kind of day.

it rained in the early afternoon, when i finally got the much needed nap i had planned on having since the weekend, the rain bringing up pictures in my sleepy head of a morning in montreal.

it rained at the end of today's excellent yoga class, when we were lying with our legs up against the walls, the rain hitting the roof of the house gently, deepening the feeling of comfort and protection inside.
on the way home from class, the sky was washed clear and blue, the world bright and shiny, and the air fresh. few things beat summer rain.

it also rained when tina and i stood on my balcony tonight, marvelling at the complete triple rainbow that span across the sky over the city, between st.martin's gate and the cathedral. i think i've seen a complete rainbow only once before: at tongariro national park in new zealand, in 1996. and today's rainbow was even more intense, and magical.

today was a day to stop and listen to the rain.

it's been a rainy kind of day, and i loved it.