Monday, May 12, 2003

i'm in montreal, and i like it. a lot.

montreal is a fabulous town. days are spend with carefully measured amounts of touristy stuff, generous amounts of strolling through town doing nothing in particular, tasting food i've never had before (how can i ever live without bagels again?), hanging out and meeting people i have known for years, yet never met before. - like my fellow scarleteeners rizzo, dzun and bettie, who is a rocking kind of woman, has a cat i wanted to take home and a smart husband.
above all though, i've been getting the jack spratt tour of montreal, getting to know the airman himself face to face.

i got the inside track now - i've seen rocky sit in front of his tv all day, have been to the regiment, where i met goodbar (who is quite a charming boy, when you first meet him). i listened to jack and goodbar sing songs in the mess. i now know which green leather chair he sits on when writing, i have had my fair share of bleues, had brekkie at cosmo's and can attest that he does wear army issued boots at all times. and his bum is one of the reasons people call him j-lo.
furthermore, there will be chicken broccoli linguine tonight, and flying tomorrow, should these thunderstorms stop.

strangely enough, it didn't faze me at all to fly over the atlantic and meet someone for the first time face to face. - it feels like we have known each other for years, which we have, after all, since the old opendiary days.
i also realised yet again, that computers and blogs and message boards and icq and emails do not distort someone's true personality by default - which is reassuring, i guess.

it's good for me, this little break.
it's all good. and everybody's happy.