Thursday, May 15, 2003

i spend 30€ on peace of mind™ today.

in the process, i called roughly 10 doc's offices, explained that no, my request made sense even though 30 hours had passed (screw uninformed medical staff), sat in waiting rooms for about 3 hours total and saw two docs, the latter of whom i will make my new local gyno. she just totally rocked.

not only did she have a bhagavad gita in her waiting room, but instead of simply writing out the perscription for plan b, which would most likely have involved throwing up and nausea and me worrying for a few more weeks, she did an ultrasound to check whether anything had been or was happening with my ovaries because of the missed pill that was to blame for this worry. - thankfully, it hadn't and wasn't anywhere near anything happening. it would have been strange anyway, because my body was never good at ovulation in the first place. blessed be diane-35 and my pcos-screwed-up body.
sure, at 30€ that ultrasound was more than twice what plain old ec would have been, but i must admit that it was worth every cent.

other screens will still have to happen, obviously, but those were good, peace of mind™ giving black and white ultrasound images today.

note to self:

  • keep in mind that life's little dramas always arrive with the worst possible timing.
  • there is something like too much of a good thing. yes, this applies to astroglide inside condoms.