Saturday, April 26, 2003

the world feels like my oyster today.

maybe it's the energy from yesterday enhanced by nreā„¢ and spring. who knows.
fact is, i've been cleaning and organising all morning, throwing things away, taking things off the walls, putting pictures away. i have this unstoppable urge to re-decorate the flat, to make it simple and clean and tidy. i want different things on the walls, i want to paint these walls. i want space for a little altar and meditation spot (i think).

its quite intense now, this urge for change, in oh-so-many ways. i might almost start worrying about hypomania again.
fact is, these past weeks have been full of new stuff, and i've been confronted with certain ideas i'd usually put off so many times, by so many different people that they start settling in. - sort of like: is this fate trying to tell me it's time for this? specifically, i wonder whether i should do a vipassana meditation course/retreat. could i do that? i'm not sure.
i think more change is needed first. more time, too.

the times they are-a-changing.