Friday, April 11, 2003

something for kate will be in germany next month.
i'm in shock.

they'll be supporting -and it pains me to write this- silverchair. yes, something is wrong about that, indeed.
the two concerts on german soil are far away (hamburg and berlin), but that would have been manageable, i would have travelled to hamburg; much worse: they are sold out.

hundreds of unworthy germans will get to see and hear mr.dempsey, and it won't mean a thing to them. and i, something for kate's most devout fan in mainland europe, won't be there to stand in the first row, look him in the eyes and silently lip-synch every single line of every single song.


the sfk website promises touring in the uk in late may, early june. - maybe i can sneak off to see the brother in london *and* mr. depsey at the same time? hmmmm.
(speaking of seeing mr.dempsey: something for kate: visual recording diary)