Wednesday, April 16, 2003

life things have changed, in subtle ways, and i like it a lot.

i had a non date on monday, with daniel, an ashtanga teacher who's running a class i am interested in. it was fun: i was attracted to him, quite violently (i felt like licking each and ever freckle on his slender body), even though he really isn't "my type", whatever that is anyway. however, what remained after the shared coffee was the realisation that there's someone else who i'd much prefer having had coffee with, and kissing on the cheek afterwards.

last night after yoga, tina and i sat on the balcony drinking rigos, kristofer astrom crooning the 11 minute glory that "you don't know how good you are" is. the moon came up over the roofs, bats were flying, and we mostly sat in silence, being awed by the evening sky and the changing lights and the cathedral and martin's gate iluminated for night.

i haven't been happier in years, even though life is so in flux, so confusing right now. nothing seems sure or secure right now, and as unbelievable as that is, it feels good: no matter what will be, it will be, and it'll be good.