Friday, April 18, 2003

i'm at the parents.

my mother welcomed me on wednesday with compliments on my weight loss, and the suggestion that the only thing needed to perfect me now was liposuction on my hips.
thank you, mother.

she didn't get how horrible her suggestion was, and how upset and hurt i have been and still am, because she keeps commenting on parts about my body she deems wrong and faulty, and needing fixing.
i got rather loud with her this morning, when she told me to look at her at the breakfast table, and then proceeded to advise me that my eyebrows were "overplucked". she started sulking after i told her i neither wanted nor needed her criticism.

today being a public holiday, the parents and i drove to holland for some shopping (a family ritual on good friday), and my father tried to calm the atmo by buying me a printed marc aurel shirt i loved, but could not afford. i wish he had better ways of showing support for me. you know, like talking.

despite that, i'm well. very well.
all is still strange and good and changing and awesome, and i love it.
it's so exciting, this lifeā„¢ thing!