Thursday, April 24, 2003

i declared today to be a no-work-day.
oh, the luxuries of law school life. the work is still there, obviously, and will need to be looked after tomorrow and over the weekend, but today, i just can not work. i tried, and failed, because the urge to rest my hot forehead on the cool cover of my schoenfelder (a law text book), became too strong.

i'm just too tired. of these past 48 hours, only 7 1/2 were spent sleeping: 3 hours tuesday night, a blissful half an hour nap wednesday afternoon, barely 4 hours wednesday night.

in short: i'm sleepfucked.
not so much that i'm hallucinating (which has happened before), but the world is warm and hazy and seems awfully demanding. it's a hang-overed kind of feeling. - even though in those 48 hours i had only 3 rigos, plus one radler, which is more than the recommended intake for a woman of my size and age, i guess, but not enough to make me feel hungovered.
i look the hangovered/sleepfucked part, too.
everyone i met yesterday commented on me looking pale & tired, seeming out of it and less sparkly than usual, and asked what was up.
to some, i talked a bit about why i stayed up late, and left out other bits about what happened when i stayed up late, but i smiled about both.

because sleepfucked or not, i'm happy.
out of my head happy, and right now, i don't have any reason to believe that that's going to change any time soon. which is a shocker, too. - happiness of this scale hasn't been a part of this life for a good long while.

so today, i'll be lazying around, writing, doing yoga tonight, sitting in the sun on my balcony, and overall walllowing in happiness, good stuff and thoughts that make my insides tingle.

it feels teenage. but i love it.