Tuesday, April 29, 2003

have i mentioned dirk before? i think i haven't.

he chatted me up at the laundromat three weeks ago, as i was burning a few cd compilations for a guy.
we discussed cd compilations and their meanings and effects and it was quite enjoyable. - he was smart and well educated and interesting and while i am not out there looking for dates, i am looking for more connections round here nonetheless and that day, i was in a splendid mood and enjoying myself. i asked him whether he wanted a copy of what i was burning then (back then, i thought the compilations i had just made didn't have a message. but boy, was i wrong.) but he declined, getting all morally worked up about those compilations being for one guy, and that it would simply be wrong if he had them, too, because of the message, and no, he just couldn't have that, it would be like betraying the guy who was getting them in the first place. so thanks, but no thanks.

of course, i said "now: i could burn a compilation especially for you, too."

and it wasn't just said to make him go away, even though i wanted him to go away then. at that point of the conversation, we were downstairs where the washing machines are and he was interestedly watching me fold up my undies. hm. yes, these are my g-strings and my socks, and that's my sports bra, yes.

so he said yes to my offer, and i made a little compilation for him yesterday. it's a chilly kind of summery thing, with lots of loungey dj stuff. - no deep messages this time, just plain old summer time enjoyment. kruder & dorfmeister and thievery corporation and remixed shirley bassey and lots more. it's nice, i like it.
i send him an email yesterday informing him of his luck, and asked what he had been up to.

and he said he was struggling with preparations for his abitur.
abitur being the final exams at grammar school to get a grade for university entrance.
which means he is 19, or maybe (and that would be very rare) 20.


at the cradle snatcher anonymous meeting:
*caro stands up, blushing.*
"hello, my name is caro, and i accidentally, unwillingly and unknowingly picked up a teenager."