Wednesday, March 12, 2003

zoran djindjic, serbian prime minister, was assasinated this afternoon.

after seeing interviews with him over the last years, i admired him for his firm belief in democracy, his belief in making things happen through tireless activism and creating a good future for the balkan by connecting with western europe. he repeatedly expressed hope that within 10 years, serbia would be part of the eu. he's been called the "serbian jfk" because he was attractive, educated, a man of reforms, even if they were tough. how terrible to see him be assasinated, like jfk.

zoran djindjic was doubtlessly the greatest politican to have come out of serbia, one of the fiercest democrats and europeans of the last decade.
what a loss to serbia/montenegro, the balkan in general, and to europe. it will be impossible to replace him. - thinking about what might happen in serbia now is worrisome.