Friday, March 28, 2003

nothing quite like showing up at the blood bank and not being able to donate.
by hb is too low. my hb! i never had any trouble with it, had steady (if not overly high but still pretty good for a young woman) upper 13 g/dl values... but this morning: 11,7g/dl. it's not that low. but too low for donating (you need at least 12,5 g/dl), and low enough to worry. anything under 12 g/dl can be a sign of anemia.

i have no doubt this is a side effect of my recent restrictive eating and all this over-exercising.
warning sign? yup. big one, too. time to look after myself, before this turns into iron-deficiency anemia.

the doc was super firendly, told me not to stress and gave me iron supplements.

but i still left feeling like a loser.