Wednesday, March 12, 2003

how utterly ridiculous can one get?

shouldn't us politicians spend their time worrying about more important stuff on the "eve of a war" they are currently choosing to start? shouldn't they be spending time thinking about how to protect the people of iraq during this war about oil, about how to minimise the "collateral damage" that will hit women and children the hardest (as usual), shouldn't they get behind more and tougher inspections instead?

other people might find this name change on the menu thing funny. - i find it revolting and worrisome.

really, i wonder whether those stupid republican politicians behind this idea honestly thought this would have any impact on us in europe who oppose war with iraq. instead of insulting us (no one in europe eats "french fries" we eat "pommes frites" or chips, mates), or scaring us, or whatever else, it makes us rest more assured we don't want to be on the same side with those who eat "freedom fries".