Thursday, February 13, 2003

sydney morning herald: there are kisses and then there are k-i-s-s-e-s
But how do you know if you've had a kiss to kill you? Is it the bricks falling in on you, the crashing waves on the shore, the stomach-churning sound of your lover's lips smacking, the hangover from the night before, or something in you that says, I'm not the same person any more, love is dynamite, or my lips hurt. Whatever you feel, you'll know when it's happened: it explodes inside as bright and noisy as the Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks.

i've had the luck of more that one of these.

one that got under my skin is preserved on videotape, an unexpectedly intense kiss of totte and me on stage, him giving the audience the thumbs up behind my back.

another one that a lot tasted of red wine, and happened on a flatmate's bed, late at night. the next day, the hangover was terrible, but what was worse was my longing to repeat the experience.

my most favourite life changing kiss happened as i was sitting right here where i am sitting now, at my desk. there was tension (and anticipation) around, and evan came over from the bed and knelt next to me, telling me that i really didn't want to read the paper, did i? and i didn't, of course, and we kissed, in this awkward position, me sitting on a chair, him kneeling.

...and then there are life changing kisses each and every time one of us walks out of those metal doors in the arrival section of an airport, when we're startled that the other one exists, after all, and is real.

i could do with some life changing kissing now, actually. :)