Monday, February 10, 2003

i had a personal training session and program show at the gym today.
i thought we'd do assessment, too, but thankfully, stephan, one of my gym's personal trainers, didn't get out the dreaded body fat scales. i can't say that i mind. - i was so worried about stepping on them, i fasted last night and this morning and had little water (which can upset the results). sure, it would be good to know. - the last measurement i have is from 15 months ago, and was very very bad.
i am sure i've improved since then. maybe i'll actually ask for the dreaded scales at our next session in twelve weeks. oh well.

anyway. got lots of praise on my progress from stephan (and again from chris, gee, she's been doing that every week lately) and now have a real grown-up, advanced, split weight training program. including free weights, so that i will get to spend time in the testosterone laden corner of the gym with the muscly, moaning boys. weeh!
am now officially giving up all classes besides body pump and reebok step - and maybe the occasional fit-plus class (mainly because i like bettina and because it adds different moves and activities, the classes most of the time aren't quite challenging enough for me) or a spinning session. no more bodystyling! weeh!

yes, i know, there is life outside gyms, and yes, my life is very boring, considering how excited i am about this.