Sunday, February 02, 2003

i had another dream featuring evan and a saying goodbye theme last night.

it's the day i am supposed to leave. evan, me and his entire family are at the airport.
strangely enough, i am walking around alone a lot. evan is busy doing something else at the aiport, which makes me sad. there is some reason why he is not with me, even though it is just a short while until i head off, and no matter how hard i convince myself it's okay, it isn't. whatever he is doing doesn't seem important to me.

i walk through the airport, and strangely enough still have some AUS dollars, that i am eager to spend, but i can't decide, mainly because i don't feel like getting junk i'll have to throw out in a few months when i want to move permanently.

it's suddenly half an hour before the plane takes off. evan stops what he is doing, and we are trailed by his family. we pass a supermarket in the airport, and i realise i need to get a large jar of vegemite (which i forgot to get this time), but the shelf where the vegemite is supposed to be is empty.

it's fifteen minutes before my plane takes off, and we are heading up a staircase to where the plane will be. i hate it all, hate the rush, hate having so many people there, hate leaving, hate not having had time alone with evan, and i start sobbing and start waking up.
while that happens, i realise that i don't want to wake up.

in my dream, evan is at least there.