Tuesday, February 18, 2003

i feel so much better.
it's almost like i am a different person to whoever woke up this morning, headachy and bleary-eyed and down.

yoga rocked this afternoon.
we did some more salamba sirsasana, which was great and left me feel all empowered and strong. we also worked extensively on adho mukha svanasana, salamba sarvangasana and some backbends, urdhva dhanurasana being one of them. so amazing, that even simple poses like downward facing dog stay challenging, because you can keep working on and in them. such a never-ending path to walk.

after class, we all went for dinner at a chinese place next door, and i had the best asian food since returning: yummy noodles and rice and veges and tofu with interesting conversation with everyone else to boot. i told people i am emigrating though, and wonder whether that was smart or not. usually, it makes folks back off. i hope not these folks.

best however, was one of the pranayamas we did (whose sanskrit name i forgot, of course, the english aquivalent would be "bumblebee", i guess) - we all hummed on a very slow exhale while keeping our ears shut, and it sounded like my head and the room were full of harmony and dissonance and melodies caused by small, colourful flying insects (none of them yucky though). lovely.

the class is so nice, the yoga feels so good, ralph is so delicious to look at.
it feels like i finally found rituals to do and things to say (or rather chant) that make me feel held and that just fit into it all.