Sunday, February 16, 2003

i constantly surround myself with noise, cds, mp3s, the telly. when it's silent, i get nervous and scared and start feeling locked up in my small space here.
i always get myself so much noise that i keep forgetting that complete silence is an option, too. - especially on a sunday, when the shops are closed and the city is asleep.

i should enjoy the silence (fyi: demo-the singles 86>98, cd1, song #8) instead of being scared about how alone it makes me feel.

it's one reason why i find it so hard to find my way into daily home practise is the complete silence (apart from pranayama and some unwilling moans from holding and surrendering to certain asanas that is) and stillness both inside and out that comes from practising alone.

something else i need to work on, accepting and valueing silence.