Sunday, February 09, 2003

at the gym this morning, in the bodystyling class i took part in, one of the women around me smelt like airplane moisturiser.

moisturising lotion from airplanes. you know, that free, strongly smelling, either pinkish or off-white moisturising lotion that's in the bottles without screw-tops on economy class toilets on long-haul flights.
you know, that stuff you only use when you've forgot to pack your own moisturiser in your hand luggage.
you know, that stuff that smells so strongly that the entire toilets smell like it, too.

cathay pretends that what's in their little bottles is actually kanebo. but i doubt it. it has none of the traits of a good quality moisturiser, and that smell is so not kanebo, either. i personally suspect that airplane moisturiser comes from a 250 l barrel labeled "airplane moisturising lotion with built-in toilet air freshener" that is delivered with the airplane, straight from boeing (buy one airplane, get two barrels of airplane lotion, free. choice of pink or white variety.), accompanied by 8 little screw-top less bottles (one for each economy class loo) and an assortment of stick-on labels so the airline can disguise the origin of the lotion and pretend that it's high quality. what else could explain how air new zealand, singapore and cathay all had lotion that smelled the same?

oh well.

so this morning, i worked out for an hour, a cloud of airplane lotion moving around the room. the smell breathtaking, giving me flashbacks of being cranky and tired, of dry air, dry skin, and queing for the loo, of leaving australia, of missing my boy. duh.
unfortunately, i was unable to identify the culpit, the cloud was just too big, and surrounded a group of at least 6 women.

i wish bodystyling class came with a no smell, no perfume, no nothing rule, like yoga does.

just to prevent sad airplane travel flashbacks early on a sunday morning.