Sunday, February 16, 2003

the age: here it is, conclusive proof against iraq

i especially liked the following reasons:

"#3 Our spy planes have photographed Saddam's deputy prime minister being driven in a motorcade of Mercedes cars. Mercedes is a German car, and Germany is in league with France to destroy America, like al-Qaeda. Therefore, etc.


#5 The motorcade was moving in an easterly direction through Baghdad. If you move in an easterly direction through France, you get to Germany.

#6 Saddam is another Hitler. Germany had a Hitler. Again, a direct link with al-Qaeda.

#7 Al-Qaeda operatives have recently been arrested in London. The Prime Minister of London, Tony Blair, then visited France for a meeting with Jacques Chirac. Chirac then visited Bonn to celebrate 40 years of his alliance with Gerhard Schroeder of Germany. Schroeder had a meeting with Putin of Russia, who then received Hans Blix, who went to Baghdad. Again, proof of a direct link."