Sunday, November 10, 2002

was all housewifey this afternoon, finally doing some ironing and cleaning my kitchen. don't know why it's been so hard to motivate me for cleaning and tidying up, lately, seems almost like i have temporarily flipped out of that obsessive compulsive side of my personality.

while i was busy in the kitchen, i decided to finally renew the yellow washable foil i have on my kitchen walls, which i have wanted to do for month. was quite tricky, that fighting with big pieces of adhesive foil all alone, but much needed. didn't turn out as straight as i would have wanted, but it's good enough.
need to do more of these basic little renovation things in the next few weeks. - this week, my bosses wife, di, asked me whether she, her youngest daughter and her sister can stay at my place for a few nights in january while i am in australia, and i -of course- said yes.
want to be employed by her husband next year, after all. he. actually, i felt more obliged because we had wanted to catch up here, and as i'll be in australia at that time, i felt like i needed to do *something* instead. - and i won't mind them staying here while i am away one bit. just need to boss-proof my flat now, de-clutter it, clean up extra well, tidy the desk and kitchen and prepare a "how to work my flat" guide and put together a some material to the city and the region. won't be too hard.
and di already told me, that she'll frame evan's diplomas for me, free of charge in return. hooray! :)

today ran by again with gym, and this cleaning. - it's already past 6pm, and i am waiting for my deep conditioner to be done working. - feel the sudden, very intense urge to really pretty up for tonights reading. i am such a literature groupie, it's sickening.
have always been: put a male being in front of me who writes books, and i get all weak in the knees.
the excitement usually results in me making a total fool of myself in the end: has happened with bejamin von stuckrad barre, has happened at that previous seminar with andre eisermann, has happened with ralf rothmann, robert schneider and at the frankfurt bookfair.
i rarely get starstruck with tv people, but with authours: all the time.

anyway. should be fun tonight, i hope. just need to keep my mouth shut when its my turn in the signature queue (even though i feel the urge to tell him that his show in berlin, 3 years ago, wasn't as terrible as he described him in his book).

off i go to wash out my conditioner. and please, no one ask about nanowrimo.