Thursday, November 21, 2002

to do list for the next three weeks

  • make sure tuition will be paid in january (tell mom, email her details)
  • write blogstuff for world aids day, put on disc
  • get new cosmetics bag
  • transfer addresses to new address book
  • ask mom to get shoes left at home to repair place
  • get little something for gisela
  • birthday present for fabian
  • bring book dust brush from home
  • clean up computer
  • let go of hope to finish nanowrimo

  • cellar: clean & tidy up, sort boxes & throw away everything not needed in past 12 months
  • cellar: sort through old clothing and either give to charity or throw away
  • main room: throw away plant
  • main room - shelves: sort through "mail" & "food" box
  • main room - shelves: tidy up, put old folders that are not needed into cleaned cellar, re-organize books, put things not urgently needed orderly in cellar (including old printer), throw away old mags, decrease clutter (and put plush condom away). goal: nothing, no books on the floor under the shelves or next to the bed
  • main room - shelves: get cardboard sorters for magazines & paper stuff, ideally one coloured and with metal tags for identification (ikea)
  • main room -shelves: find solution for cd's & tapes. boxes from ikea?
  • main room - shelves: find solution for photos. boxes from ikea?
  • main room - wardrobe: measure size & check with size of foldable clothes organizer at ikea
  • main room - desk: tidy up drawers 1, 2, 3, 4, throw away free postcards that i will never use, declutter top of desk, clean up letter holder. goal: no stack of books and things on side of desk!
  • main room - desk: re-organize magnetframe, change photos
  • main room - set of drawers: clean up clutter spot figure out solution (ikea?)
  • kitchen - cupboard: go through cupboard, check best before dates, throw out old things, re-stock basics, wash out cupboard, wash all dishes & glasses, tidy up top shelf
  • kitchen - foodshelf: go through, check best before dates, throw out, clean & re-organize. put tools not needed either into cellar or throw away
  • kitchen - bookshelf: wipe and re-organize
  • kitchen - fridge: wash and throw out things in freezer
  • kitchen - cupboard under sink: clean up & find solution for more tidiness
  • kitchen - water heater: wipe off, reorganize stuff on there, possibly tone down significantly
  • bathroom: general cleaning, washing of all tiles
  • bathorom: clear and sanitize sinks
  • bathroom: decrease stack of magazines by the loo by at least half. either throw away or sort in sorters in main room
  • bathroom: have toilet repaired
  • entire flat: wash windows, hoover floors, sponge wash floors (bring cleaner from home)
  • balcony: sweep & wash floor
  • balcony: buy green stuff in early december
  • take curtains down & home to wash

  • get tourist visa (take passport home, copy, fax to travel agent)
  • get clothes: bikini, hat, tanktops, shorts, skirt, light dress, light pants, strapless bra, light bra (plain, little or no padding, thin straps, any colour)
  • get new isic at travel agents
  • prepare files to take along
  • get rail & fly ticket for january
  • organise for mail to be collected
  • tentatively plan meetings with people
  • call cathay pacific to find out about visa, departure tax for hong kong
  • get information for hong kong from tourist info trip into town possible. money from atms there. material to be mailed. meet linnie!
  • check travel health insurance. valid despite being used already this year ? yes.

  • get small law book
  • throw out outdated law books
  • re-sort law books (schoenfelder ergaenzungsband, sartorius), get new dürig
  • get new cards

  • christmas presents for:
    • mom - christian dior "dolce vita"
    • dad - golf (video?)
    • fabian - cosmetics?
    • cordula - fitness stuff (bottle? towel?)
    • cordula's mom - tea & something
    • evan - cd, p, c,s&t
    • ann - pretty pen (?) & folder (?), calender for kitchen (freiburg)
    • grant - thermal pot for coffee in the car (purchase in oz?)
    • gareth - something to wear (?) (size m?)
    • emily - framed photo, frame from ikea
    • duncan - h&m poster (call ad company)
    • kirsty - sth. from h&m, such as a small bag or top (size small)
    • nanna & grandpa - small smokeman/cuckoo clock?
    • grandma & grandpa - small smokeman/cuckoo clock?
    • aunt & uncle + 2 kids (both young) "stollen" & small thing from christmas market
    • aunt (& remarried uncle) & 2 kids (one young, one teenage)
    • tina - sth. from australia - the usual suspects & thing for car. he.
    • jasmin
    • boss & family - "stollen" & small thing from christmas market (illuminated house?)
    • max - toy

  • sort christmas cards i still have and throw all away that i will never use
  • make list of people who should get cards
  • make sure to have all addresses, if necessary: eMail enquiry
  • score stamps at the shop

  • prepare guide to flat, city, black forest, alsace, add set of housekeys and remember to take to australia
  • get extra shower gel, shampoo, soap
  • print little signs for heaters, water heater
  • remember to get inflatable mattress, wash sleeping bag and bring extra duvet from home
  • wash & iron extra sheets (must smell nice&fresh!)

  • frame for emily's present
  • frames for misc. photos (bstone-team,nz,evan)
  • three additional plates (one large, one deep, one small)
  • cd & tape boxes - 153 tapes, 141 cds (need storage for 160 each)
  • measurements of clothes organizer - width 30/height 110/depth 34 -will fit.
  • mag & paper folders
  • solution for clutter spot - bowl?
  • christmas wrapping paper & small cards
  • salt & pepper thingies
  • tiny tree?

woah. one busy three weeks, i'd say. won't start all that cleaning up until tomorrow though. that way, i can totally surround myself with chaos & sorting & cleaning until monday. oy.