Friday, November 15, 2002

The Motherfucking Friday Five (because heather is away)

1. Fuckin A, it's Friday finally. Whatcha drinkin, cause we all know you are a slobbering lush.
free champagne from dieter & karl-heinz at the laundromat. friday is going down smoothly, let the weekend in.

2. Are ya gettin any this weekend? Who's the lucky bastard?
yes. the lucky bastard is my beloved trusty yellow gigolo.

3. Tell Heather you fucking love her in a creative way. Watch your tongue and be nice, or I will hunt you down and cut it out of your filthy mouth.
heather. die friday five sind ein klasse zeitvertreib jede woche. hoffe du hast eine gute zeit away.

4. Think these questions are fluff? Go fuck yourself. For the rest of you, what's the best fucking movie you've ever seen? [I mean, the best movie, not the best movie with fucking in it, unless you wanna share that too.]
i can not possibly pick just one: the lord of the rings. austinpowers: goldmember. the piano. boys don't cry. the virgin suicides. frau zwei sucht happyend. memento.
as to film with fucking/best mainstream movie sex scene: the oscar goes to the nicely lit sex scene in meet joe black. wow.

5. So what the fuck are you doing this weekend?
fold my laundry. do some ironing. workout for at least 5 hours. shop for food. make a mixtape for running. write several thousand words of my novel. sleep. eat. miss my partner. study a little.