Sunday, November 17, 2002

last night, already in bed, ready to sleep, i zapped into a lovely documentary on armistead maupin and his muchly beloved tales of the city.

it was fabulous. not only is he a charming, smart man, who writes awesome books, but the docu was well made, too, with little over-voiced readings that perfectly captured what makes these books and their characters so lovable. among other things,a camera followed maupin to some tales locations, and now i finally know what the marina safeway and the come clean center really look like. he. :)
i indeed have to visit san francisco at least once in my life.

the nicest thing, however, about the whole thing was that armistead talked about michael "mouse" tolliver, who is -for me- the most lovable character of the series. he spoke about people thanking him that he had not written any follow up to "sure of you", because that would have meant a mouse-less book, because he sure must have died of aids by then. - just my worries, indeed. - i remember reading the night listener, looking for clues how mouse was (maupin often cross-references between books, and there were some tales people in the night listener). - but there were none there.

but alas, maupin pointed out: mouse is not dead.

he went on explaining that as mouse got infected around the same time his former partner terry anderson got infected, and as terry is -thanks to the combination therapy and luck, i take- still alive and well, he thinks mouse is still alive, too. so mouse and anderson are both part of that small club of long-term survivors. which is fabulous.

for some reason, that made me very very happy.

i fell asleep listening to my tales cd.