Tuesday, November 26, 2002

i've been busy - working out, studying, working off my to do list, getting ready to leave for a weekend with the parents on thursday.
am quite looking forward to the weekend actually (which is strange in itself), am getting my hair cut (at least a tiny little bit) & highlighted on friday, will do all my holiday (in both the going away and the christmassy sense) shopping and trip to ikea, and on sunday, my dad's choir has their annual advent concert, which i am looking forward to because i'll miss out on their singing on christmas, after all.

that aside, i am surprisingly calm about leaving in just about 15 days, apart from my stressedoutness about all the things i still have to do to prepare for my trip, christmas and my houseguests.

somehow, i just haven't realised yet, that i am almost there again, i guess.
it's not that i am not excited, or not looking forward to
being with evan and in melbourne again. - i am longing for evan, for being with him, having free time with him, summer and moving and everything else. - but i am still calm. strange. i guess part of it is the fact that it still feels like i have just returned. maybe it's also because this is the shortest time that evan and i have been apart between visits - just little more than 2 months. another reason is that i still -as always- have the feeling that something, anything is going to happen that will prevent me from going after all. - and then there is all the work that's still between me and leaving: all that cleaning up and sorting and packing and whatever else.
i spend a chunk of the afternoon in my cellar, cleaning up and throwing things out, and sorting clothing i haven't worn in a while. will drag a whole big blue ikea bag full of stuff to the clothing collection place to donate it. makes me feel good: it's decent clothing after all, just stuff that i don't want anymore, not stuff that is inherently ugly, bad or old, and i am happy someone else will be able to enjoy it soon.
only downside to all this cleaning is that i am all itchy from the dust, and have been for the last few days of digging between my shelves. need a shower, quite urgently.

that much for now. am quite braindead from all this stuff that needs to be done... maybe it wasn't such a good idea to offer these houseguests to be here while i am not. but then, saying no wasn't an option either, considering this is my future bosses' wife & kids (and hey, they really *are* terribly lovely). still am a tad worried. all needs to be super tidy and nice. need to remember to move sextoys from current living space in the top drawer of my chest of drawers.


little more than 2 weeks from now, i'll be in melbourne. so much planned already, family christmas party on the day that i arrive, cricket on the next day, moving, going to merimbula, roatripping along the great ocean road (finally!), lots of lovin' ...with all this ahead, i am sure i'll get excited soon enough. :)