Thursday, November 21, 2002

in other news: my recent obsession with the past has reached new heights (or lows, depending on the definition), yet again.
the book i ordered because i wondered whether he might be in there was indeed one hell of a good guess.

it arrived at my moms shop today, she saw the title, called me and asked whether he was in there, and when i said i didn't know, she looked it up, and there he was, or rather, that piece on and a drawing of him, and my mom got all excited and started reading it to me.

i told her to stop reading it to me, that i wanted to do that myself, and could she please remember not to tell his mother that i've been succesfully searching him out, yet again, when she comes into the shop to finally pick up that book she recently ordered?

knowing her, i am sure she'll spill it, no matter how much she tries not to, simply because she'll be so excited about it next time his mother's there.