Thursday, November 07, 2002

have been nanowrimo-ing like wildfire this afternoon. after 5 days of blankness, and inspiration hitting and characters finally talking to me yesterday, i have completed my draft, am well into my second chapter (if only 4.059 words into the 50.000) and am loving every single minute of it. once i manage my goal of more than 16.000 by sunday, i'll be on track word wise. should be doable, should my characters stay as interesting as they are.

it's amazingly entertaining, this stuff.

shared the details of the characters and the first chapters with tina, and she deemed it fun, too. and it is, how could it not especially for me, and her? there's a friendship in the novel (the two are the anchors of the rest of the story), and of course the two are a big mingle of tina and me in many ways. how could they not be? he.

can't wait to see whether my characters will behave the way i expect them to behave. oh, the excitement.