Wednesday, November 20, 2002

evan found out about his intern placement today:
he got the place at the hospital he wanted to be at. his soon-to-be-housemate suzy got her place there, too.

the letter they send him today was the first ever addressed to "Dr." Evan. :)

it's getting real, this transition into the workforce, adulthood, responsibility, moving out. i am so excited for and proud of him, if a little worried because it will take even more work for us to stay connected and happy and well through this time of change. but we'll be alright, i am sure.
this is the first step of so many changes happening in the next year or so: his being an intern, my graduating, my emigration. it's scary, but exciting, and needed. i am so ready for us to move closer.

how can anything not be alright when i'll be there in 21 days to be part of the change? :)