Friday, October 18, 2002

Evan had his final ever med exam today. Hooray!

His last exam patient ever was a poor chap: a 35 years old guy with diabetes that had damaged one of his eyes (and had made him go blind on that one) and his kidneys and had made him need a kidney transplant; he had lost his other eye in a fishing accident (and was hence almost completely blind); on tp of that, he was also an alcoholic dependent heroin smoker, severely depressed and suicidal (had attempted suicide a few weeks back) and had just now been hospitalised for an infection caused by the immunosuppresants he was on because of his kidney transplant. Duh.
Quite a complicated case to get to know in an hour and discuss in about 15 minutes. - He was apparently quite helpful though, kept poiting Evan to things other docs always looked at and asked about, and overall, it must have been intresting, if a bit hectic and rushed.

Am terribly proud of and happy for Evan. - He's worked very hard these past years, and it's strange that it's now done and over, that he'll get his results in three weeks, find out about his hospital for his intern year, get registered and then -in January- start working as a real doctor. What a shock. So very grown up and real. :) So good that he now gets some time off first. He truly deserves it.

Wish I could empty some bottles of champagne with him today and have some lovely, drunk celebratory doctor & nurses games with my very own Dr.Toyboy. He. :)