Thursday, July 04, 2002

shoot me, the wannabe globetrotter. or at least kick me real hard.
or please, please teach me how to read plane tickets; how to figure out timezones and flights.

packing up some of the important stuff for my trip (think visa, health insurance, ticket), i decided to take another look at my flight plan. which was a good idea really. should have done that weeks ago, and would have done that every day had the ticket & flight plan not been stored in a safe space at my parents place.

looking at that printed plan, on green "kangaroo tours" (honest, that's the name of my travel agent) paper, i realized -instnatly in a panic, that i will indeed arrive at 5:50am, like initially thought. not at 5:50pm, as evan currently believes and as i believed until a few hours ago.

that wouldn't be that tragic, were it not for the following:
i arrive at 5:50am on the 25th. not at 5:50pm on the 24th. which means that i'll touch aussie ground a fucking 9 hours after the gomez concert i got tickets for from evan.

fucking hell, i've done that down-under travel thing twice and still haven't figured out that day-losing thing?! how could i have been stupid enough to think i could leave germany in the evening of the 23rd and arrive in australia on the evening of the 24th and hence take just about 22 hours?! to everyone who can calculate a wee bit, a 20 hour flight (stop over time not included) plus 8 hours time difference make for more than 22 hours.

fucking hell.

i should wear the idiot cap and hide in a corner for the next week.

am so so sad about missing out on ben ottwell. but am heartbroken that evan and i won't get to start our time together in the middle of a gomez concert, reliving the awesome concert two years ago. sure, it would have been hectic. it would have been stressful to worry about the plane being on time so i wouldn't be late for the cocnert. but fucking hell, i would have still gone to the concert.

now how do i tell the toyboy to find someone else to use my birthday present with?


have been unable to get hold of him today. and just do not feel like passing these news on via email. i've blown it. again.
i wish i had some useful excuse, but i don't. it's just my stupidity, and inability. yup, the first flight plan i got was barely readable. but bloody hell, that new plan has been in my parents possesion for what - 6 weeks?- and i didn't check and triple check again? for once, i don't practice my usual obsessive compulsive behaviour and am quite happy about that, and that's when i blow it.

see how fucking useless and stupid i am?