Thursday, July 11, 2002

it's been fun so far, this city thing.
a wee bit lonely though, too.

been walking around lots, got way too drunk with my brothers colleagues and boss last night, been to the the tate modern twice already (nearly started crying upon walking into the mark rothko room yesterday afternoon, so intense was the physical sensation, quite strange), sat in the sun today and have -overall- had a good time so far, despite lots of strangeness on my brother's part. he is having an affair which isn't surprising and/or upsetting, but what is surprising and/or upsetting is that he'll be spening fridaynight with her, which will in turn mean that i have to cover for him in case his girlfriend calls. and even worse that i'll be sitting alone at home in london on a fridaynight. going out alone? can imagine better things, really.

miss having a companion to tour the town with me, to discuss what i see, to share discoveries. sounds pretentious. but i am a wee bit lonely. which sucks.
anyway. time at towr records almost up. time to get to waterstone's and submerge myself in books i want.