Tuesday, July 09, 2002

i'm almost in london.

today was hectic: shop stuff, blondification , shopping, packing, an hour long talk with my boy, more shop stuff, more shopping.
am leaving bright and early tomorrow morning, my train to the airport runs at 7:14 am, my cheapo flight at 9:55. let's hope flight controllers are a bit more attentive over britain than over switzerland.

really looking forward to the trip. fabian called last night, gave me instructions - again - on how to get to his office, told me about his colleagues birthday bar thing we'll go to tomorrow at 5, the clubs we should head to on the weekend and gave me instructions that seem to confirm my suspicion that he's already having an affair over there. wouldn't be a new thing. hate knowing (because i do like his girlfriend over here, after all, and get along well with her), hate not knowing (because i do think having a good bro-sis relationship means knowing these kind of things).
oh well. no matter what, it shall be fun to be in london, and get to know the way he lives these days. i hope my noveau riche brother will spoil his poor student sister a wee bit.

haven't made any definite plans yet, on how i'll spend my days. will probably just wander around (if the weather is not as bad as i fear it will be), go to the tate and see the freud exhibition, ogle corsets at agent provocateur (the boy asked me, when i told him about my recent shopping sprees, whether i had bought lingerie, too, which i actually haven't. not that he really wanted to talk about underwear, you know, he really doesn't care much about underwear, strange boy that he is, he just wanted to start talking about taking off any underwear i would be wearing. he.).
will sure find some splendid ways to spend my time, me thinks.

off to have a life for a change. back after the weekend, at the latest.