Saturday, July 20, 2002

friday five

1. Where were you born?
dinslaken, germany.

2. If you still live there, where would you rather move to? If you don't live there, do you want to move back? Why or why not?
i don't live there any more, but my parents do. and the fact it's just too small, too ugly, and too slow (and simply not melbourne, australia) make me never want to live there for a longer stretch of time ever again,

3. Where in the world do you feel the safest? i feel safe pretty much everywhere. this is europe. it *is* safe. the one place i would pick where i feel safest actually, is with evan. in bed.
the place where i used to go for summer camps in the summers of my teens -an old 800 year old castle- runs in as a close second.

4. Do you feel you are well-traveled? more or less. i've been to many places, and on many continents. but i haven't stayed at many different destinations though, overall. while i like travelling and discovering new places, i prefer returning to a place i liked the first time around. i sure need to see the us and south america and asia, and get to know many places here in europe more in depth.

5. Where is the most interesting place you've been?
i've been to many places that were interesting on many different levels. the nz westcoast was most interesting wildlife like. london is most interesting museum wise. amsterdam is most interesting location wise. berlin is most interesting politics wise. paris is most interesting french wise. melbourne is most interesting vibe & atmo wise.
picking one would mean disregarding many.