Friday, July 19, 2002

4 days in london = retail therapy at lush (butterballs, creamed almond and coconut smoothie, buffy the backside slayer and sympathy for the skin); ogling diana's gowns and various queen's wedding dresses at kensington palace (and chatting with a diana-crazed canadian lady, hilarious!), having my first ever evil-corporate-america-rules-the-globe frappucino; a fine curry with my brother and his aussie colleague peter at preem in brick lane; cheapo shopping at muji; hours at the tate modern, spend standing in amazement, with shivers down my spine, lumps in my throat and tears in my eyes, in the room with mark rothkos seagram murals; laughing with my brother about annoying teenaged us tourists (why in all the world do americans always feel the urge to talk?) while walking along portobello road; waking up at 5am in the lounge because of all the light, putting up the shades and sleepily watching planes fly in over london's skyline; in the longing for 250 £s to splurge on a corset at agent provocateur (the place with the hottest lingerie selling women on earth, all with marilyn monroe sex appeal. va-va-voom!) ; becky anderson and a still unidentified colleague of hers at the great eastern; sitting in the sun & watching a fabulous young street performer at covent garden; a guided walk through east london in the footsteps of jack the ripper (resulting in freaked out waking up in the middle of the night, despite having two phones and a knife right next to the bed); the tube, which has never been the same since reading neil gaiman's neverwhere; a drunken night with my brother, his boss and colleagues at their local corney & barrow (absolutely no atmo whatsoever, that place. ugh.); having a mangoes & passionfruit innocent smoothie on my brothers balcony, in the sun, with a view of tower bridge.... and so much more.

i had a lovely time, indeed.