Wednesday, June 19, 2002

went for a 60 minute swim early this morning, which was highly enjoyable and refreshing. wonder about two things though: can i go again tomorrow? (we got a wee little thunderstorm a little while ago which might be the end of our current heatwave) and has my little swimming excursion completely ruined my hair?
yes, terribly girlish to worry about the latter, but i am growing it for the first time in my life. i am new to this intense looking after your hair thing.
the slight green shimmer i noticed in my highlights this afternoon sure set off me off in a frantic deep-conditioning mode. 2hrs with john frieda's sheer blonde deep conditioning treatment didn't quite do the trick, so now my hair looks all weird, as it's been smeared with a sample of the killer expensive marlies moeller overnight hair treatment, which my hair literally soaked up in an instant. wonder what it will be like tomorrow, after the emulgating and the washing. can't be worse than now.

right now, my hair looks like the latest trend for scarecrows. or like that of a model at a paris runwayshow.