Saturday, June 22, 2002

such a good saturday so far, my health aside.

went for a little saturday morn shopping trip and picked up some earrings at the jeweller's i had selected last night, a little birthday pressie for myself.
yesterday, i had enquired and looked at some rings and stones and setting variations and the today, i decided to try some on, just because. so i tried some rings on, and realised the type of ring i had fancied all along, a simple white gold band with a low set brilliant cut stone is just right. tried on a variety of rings with a variety of stone weights, but in all honesty, anything more than 0.25 ct looked kinda wrong on the long thin finger i have, and on a person my age anyway. looked like i had gone on a rampage through my grandmas jewellery box.
the ring i liked most was an affordable 219€, while having a first class stone. definitely not too bad. so enjoyable to talk engagement rings with the nice lady who served me. was impressed by how well i was treated customer service wise. i think i'm looking particularly young at the mo, in a bleached denim skirt and tank top and flip-flops and with loose hair, i guess i hardly look the 24 i'll turn tomorrow, or the lawyer i'll be soon. oh well.
throughoutly lovely experience, and the earrings i bought just rock. they aren't anything special, just two fake brilliant cut stones set in silver, one half of the setting highly polished, the other half matte. very cute, and a good substitute for the pearls i lost lately.

went on a stroll through the market and bought some fresh fruit & veges (hope the strawberries i bought today are better than those last week) and a potted sunflower (just couldn't bear to look at my bare windowstill anymore, one lonely sunflower is better than nothing, me thinks). got more groceries, a couple of teas from the health food shop (an ayuvedic licorice root tea to help my sore throat and an ayuvedic ginger lemon mix, too) and on my way home bought a 27 year old book on cognitive behavioural therapy in depression at a used book sale to profit ai.
all really nice.
town was really full, but everyone seemed to be in a funky good mood: lots of musicians on every street corner (including a trio of gals all under 8 plaing their violins, which sounded absolutely horrendous but was adorable as hell), the cafes full, and several wedding parties in front of the mayors office, inclduing two guys seemingly getting their partnership registered, and their wedding guests. Everything felt very vibrant and alive and ready to do things today.

must be the weather. it's warm and a lot less humid than the days before, and korea won the football and now turkery and senegal are trying their best, too. only thing that sucks is that i am still feeling way too sick. while my sore throat is better and i can at least speak again, i know have a totally stuffy nose and breathing problems and a headache. welcome to the world of the summer common flu.
nothing big, but terribly annoying.

alas, there are things to be done: a football game to watch, dishes to do, a kitchen and bathroom to clean, a hungry stomach to feed and an email from a friend asking for advice needing to be answered.
shall be a slow, good day today.
more later.