Sunday, October 21, 2001

Watched Frau2 sucht HappyEnd tonight. The movie before whose premiere in Cologne Ev and the team from Sat1's "all you need is love" surprised me. - The movie Ev and I hence never got to see, because we were hardly in the mood for watching a movie premiere after not-having-seen-each-other-for-a-good-4-months, and evil.people-with-cameras, and four-takes-of-first-time-seeing-again and well, there were TV rights to be signed off. The usual, you know? ;)
Somehow we never got to see it while he was here either, - even though I wanted to, wanted to see that Berlin movie in Berlin and all. - But well, my desire to not force my boytoy into something he thought he would hate was bigger though. I love this chap, after all. - And hey, his desire was founded. The "all you need is love" people, as lovely as they were, made Ricky Martin's "Private emotion" the background music to our hug-and-kissing-scene-in-the-cinema, and well, I wasn't wuite sure whether I could trust these people with the selection of a movie after that.

I had postponed watching it alone, too, just because it is "THE" movie. Even yesterday, at the videostore, I pondered whether I wanted to see it, - see it alone, I mean. I also wondered whether it would just be dissapointing and badly made and sickingly sweet or whatnot...Didn't want to destroy any secret fantasy of mine.
But I was surprised. It was a decent movie. Real. Made you want to move to Berlin this very moment, made you want to fall in love. Made you long for good music and a soul mate.
The moviemakers quite obviously weren't so sure as to how people meet and don't meet online, and how chatting and things work, but well, I forgive them, smply because the cut and the music were too good.

*sigh* Want to see it again. With my boytoy next time, I think. Want the soundtrack, too.

The more I think about it, the more I am actually happy Ev and I didn't see it, back in January, in the first days after his arrival, after that big surprise on TV thing. It wouldn't have been too good for us, I guess. We didn't work those fist few days. A movie like that would have made matters worse.

But next time he's here...hmmm....I think he will have to be gently persuaded (with all necessary means) to watch it. It's lovely.