Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Random bits and pieces:

  • My momentary housewifey-ness reaches new heights as I use 2500 of my dutifully collected Payback points (the fact that I have collected that many points btw indicates that I shop too much at dm) to get a top of the art steam iron which features among other things, a removable calcium carbonate filter. Yay.

  • The makers of pjur eros bodyglide and the makers of fun factory toys don't lie when they advise against the use of silicone lubes with silicone toys. I should have trusted their judgement, even though no permanent damage was caused by that chemical reaction on me, nor my gigolo. I just need some decent water based lube, I guess.
    Want to make me happy? Send me a nice large bottle of Astroglide!
    Sidenote: I still think places like GoodVibrations and The Stockroom need a wishlist system like that at Amazon.

  • Finally received my ordered fitted black fleece top from Land's End, since the red one I wanted in the first place was way too pink and by no means as fire-engine-red as it looked in the catalogue, and way too large in L, too.

    Looks lovely now, even though some colour would have been good for my wardrobe, but the shirt is nice and extremely lightweight and thin, but superwarm. Today isn't the greatest day to try on fleece clothing though anyway: It's 20°C and super sunny.

  • It's rather shocking how well one can live without eating. Not-eating was never my coping strategy and it never seemed like something I could do, as I was always a stress-eater and indulger, but now that's gone. Food has lost it's appeal, which is a great loss. I try to force myself, but that doesn't work too well, as I start feeling sick way too quickly. All shocking. Need to discuss this with shrink.

  • Have I told you lately that I love you? I think I haven't, my dearest online mates, but I do. I had so many great & rewarding (ouch, icky word alarm!) conversations these past few days, that all made me realize how much I missed you while I was gone from the net.
    I wish I could indeed come to your wedding, Brianna, and have a cocktail tasting session with the people you listed.
    I wish I could hang out with you, dearest Kitto on an everyday basis, so that we could de-stress each other when our seperated-at-birth partners, or the world in general, are making the world at bit too stressful.
    I wish I could pay your for the great work that you do on so many fronts, Heather, so that you could relax some more and do more of the stuff that you enjoy.
    Linnie, I wish I could give you the time out you need (and which you hopefully may get now that the semester is over) and make things good for you. I've missed you so much while you were busy and wasn't there for so many things. So make sure you let me know if there is anything I can do for you.
    Gummy, I wish you peace of mind, and that all things sort themselves out, somehow.
    Danny & Bep - not much that I wish in connection to you, simply because I know that we will catch up very very soon in Amsterdam. Am very much looking forward to that, believe me!
    Great that you're all there.

  • A belated welcome to the new add-ons to my sidebar:

    • Mary at Halfmadspinster.com, who wrote in her diary a while back that she found my writing interesting, despite my self-labeling as "blonde and busty" :) and herself writes with great insight about things from dressing up as a jellyfish at a Halloween party to writing mottos on the wall. "Abandon Mediocrity" - I should try to live up to that motto myself. - And writing it on a wall seems like a good way to remember it.
    • A warm welcome to my dear Scarleteen mate Beppie, who was finally talked into the online writing thing by some chap close to her heart, and has some excellent observations on US politics already.
    • Last but not least, a welcome to Sabrina aka "DarlingBri", friend of Heather, an ex-pat living in the UK who runs SatinSlippers and is also a soon to be fellow advocate (if she finds her passport, that is), who masterly writes about things ranging from gender and peeing to the connection between sex and a clean household and reclaiming words. Great stuff.

  • Some recent bouts of insanity and dumbness at Scarleteen have taken their toll on me: my tolerance level to some kinds of question is rather low these days, and I guess I need to watch my tone a little. Oh dear. Will pass, these phases of fed-upness happen in regular waves.

That much randomness for now. More soon.