Friday, October 12, 2001

Just as a quick update back from Condom dispensing duty: No questionnaire from Andre.

So he's not as creative as I thought he'd be.
On another nore: Boy, does this chap have a lot to learn. A sex ed intern who isn't sure about where the cervix is? Hear me say puleeeeeeze.
Thankfully Susan was quick to teaching him. Oh boy.

In any way, I had a fun morning, really, even though it made me realize how far away I (thankfully) am from teens now. Was all a bit bizarre: was I ever that bad and unbearable, too?
I can't put my finger on it, really, on what it is that irritates me so much, the icky clothes, the sticky make-up or just the show-off thing the boys had. Ick.

Oh well, it was fun. Chatted with some of the other people there, which was interesting, and got the idea of writing an article for Scarleteen about FLUSS, a queer sex-ed project here in Freiburg, aimed at high schools. Let's see what Heather says to my article idea and what the people who run the programm are like. The chap I talked to today, Alexander, was fab. And FLUSS's work surely sounds great.

I also scored another red plush condom with condom pouch (and lots more condom/sex-ed/HIV-prevention merchandise) from Ralf from BZgA. One of the red plush condoms should make a great toy for the world's best pug. Hmmm, let's see what she says- Won't send it off without something for her owner though, so it could be a few days before we can witness her reaction.
Was a running ad for the crappy PP website again, too. Nice T-Shirt, dumb website. Too bad that I can't keep it. Oh well.


Will have to study some this afternoon and then head off to the big PP party tonight. Have been pondering the "what shall I wear" question already. Unfortunately, I got myself a run into my last pair of fishnets while trying on several things, so no hefty skirt/fishnets/sexbomb-shirt outfit tonight. Hmph. I felt like it.
So what now? Boring Jeans and the shiny blue TV appearance shirt maybe? Duh.
Oh well, I should decide spontaneously once I come out of the shower. Not such a big deal anyway.

Enough meaningless stuff. Probably more later.

And just for the record: Oh boy, am I in a killer mood today. I want to go hunting tonight, and leave just before the kill.

Watch out world, here I come, and I brought my blond bad self, too!