Saturday, October 13, 2001

Am tired today.

Not too surprising, really, considering the stress of the last week...and the fact that stayed at the Planned Parenthood Men's Party that was the kick off for the new lecture series for menopause in men till 2am. Self-inflicted. So I shouldn't be whining, but please bear with me, let me whine.

So the party, yes the party. Successfully prettified me to just the right level and headed off at about 7pm and arrived at Waldsee (the club/restaurant/whatnot) just to find the place literally bursting with people. Pretty impressive, considering that two weeks back, we were worried that no one would turn up. So well, the evening just flew by. Helped at the entrance for a while, together with Nicole and Anne, had a tiny bit of dinner from the aphrodisiac buffet and well, just hung out, really, mainly with Susan, Anne and her partner and Nicole.
The performances kicked off sometime later, some awesome Tango performers (2 men and one hot, hot woman...geez), fabulous musical performance by "Tri Elles Vocales", a local singing trio doing 1930's style stuff. Awesome. Left the room for the shitty impro-style theatre performance. I hate the group that was invited, and their stuff was just dumb, really, and simply not very suitable for a Planned Parenthood event (a daughter seducing her father, a masturbating frog, and all not even funny).
Oh well.

The evening was - in total - pretty good. It just flew by somehow even though the show part was a bit too extensive maybe and Susan and I were getting a bit desperate to dance, really. Oh well. Anyway. Didn't win anything in the raffle (neither the voucher for the german equivalent of good vibrations, nor the 4 handed massage, nor the english course worth 5000 DM that I would have sold off...), what a bummer. Oh well. Didn't dance too much once the DJ started his not too shabby set, it felt too odd, I feel so disconnected from my body, it's very bizarre. Even the good funky music didn't help much.
The only nice thing really was that I smelled like LeMale and felt surrounded by Ev, which sure was nothing but an illusion. Two big party events in one week were I am the only one without partner sucked. Gah.

My plan to hunt a little -for purely entertaining purposes- didn't work out, and I am quite happy it didn't. Wouldn't have been good anyway, and to be honest, Andre is too boring for that in the first place. *sigh* Oh well.

Nicole and her boy dropped me off in town at 2am and I spent the next two hours online netmeeting with Dan and chatting with Kitten who was busy with preparations for Matt's arrival. The lucky girl.
In any way, it was definitely something to stay awake till 4am for. So funky to actually see Dan. What a bummer that his mic didn't work, I keot talking, and he typed in reply, very entertaining when you sit in your room and talk at the computer but don't *hear* a reply.

Anyway. So I haven't slept much last night and was a slob all morning, feeling sick and tired, and simply not too good. And shit, there is so much on my schedule for the rest of the weekend. When and how will I get it all done? Argh argh argh.
I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me.

Anyway. More soon, as the weekend progresses.