Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Shut up, Sunday Times. You suck (and I don't just say that because you won't let me link to the actual article).

Yes, professional cycling is doping ridden. And yes, everyone knows that, at least since 1998. Before that, cyclists had used speed to prep themselves for events, from then on, it was EPO, much more effective, far less decetable.

But hell, get your hands of Lance. Maybe I am a little delusional here because I like him so much, but really I seriously doubt that he'd ever dope.
He has been through too much health wise as that he'd be dumb enough to risk everything - his life, basically, by using EPO. EPO, after all, makes people more prone for thrombosis. The higher your heamatocrit, the thicker your blood. This man is happy, for goodness sake, he has a family, he is alive, he is healthy, he is happy. I believe he would never ever do something that would put all this at risk. He has been through too much for that.
Same goes for Jan Ullrich (as much as I don't like him), -or anyone from Team Telekom for that matter.

Some people simply have an exceptional body make up that enables them to manage something like pro cycling, like the tour, like surviving cancer.

So shut up, Sunday Times and shut up Eurosport.
Why do you keep bashing him? No word about British cyclists, no word about Ulrich. It's all Lance-Lance-Lance. His tests are clean, people, so either be as suspicious of EVERY rider in the tour or give it a break and enjoy the tour instead.