Tuesday, July 24, 2001

A little success to warm my gardener's heart: my long neglected cactus of the Mammillaria nivosa variety has started to bloom!

This morn, while watering all other plants on my balcony, I noticed odd little bulps on him (5, to be exact)...and hell, it really are little blossoms. Lovely.
I thought he was destined to die and had given up on him, really, because I re-potted him at a bad time for cacti.

My cactus and I, we have never been good together, really. I bought him last year, thinking about giving him as a pressie to my much hated ex-best friend T. I didn't give him to her, even a cactus of his size (he was very small last year) would have been too much, and too friendly.
So I kept him, never cared about him much, hardly watered him, hardly talked to him.

A few weeks ago, when I bought the lavender for my balcony and repotted all plants, including the Gerbera daisies, I thought - what the heck, let's put him into some more soil, give him a bigger pot and keep him outside, in the sun. And hell: he has grown tons since then. He has gotten more "snowy white wool between his tubercles". And now blossoms.

He seems to love me. :)

The poor chap seems to be a bit confused though:

Mammilliaria Nivosa are supposed to bloom in early spring. *lol*