Monday, July 23, 2001

I went to the gym, btw, this morn. And was majorly annoyed. Wanted to take the Yoga class at 11am, turned up kinda early but not early enough to hop on a machine (anything under 15 minutes isn't worth it, I think), so I sat and waited and read about heart rate monitors. The previous class went on a little longer, and Surya, the Yoga instructor turned up late, too, - and there was no one else there but me. Which meant that there was no class. Which was annoying.

And then Surya annoyed me some more. It's just *not* appropriate for her to use the Gym to sell odd pseudo-medical material through her pyramid scheme thing. It really makes me very uncomfy that she brings that stuff up again and again and I really wonder whether I shouldn't just tell someone at the help desk. And avoid her class.
It would be a big loss though. I like the Yoga. Even though Surya sucks as an instructor because she just comes across as someone trying to sell somehing. And just isn't very sympathetic. Hmph.
I am usually very assertive and can get rid of people who annoy me, but with someone being in a teaching position (even if it's just Yoga), it just gets migthy uncomfy and I can not say *no* that easily. Aargh.

I really was annoyed. Basically hung out at the gym for 45 minutes not doing anything but waiting and being annoyed by the sucky instructor, until she let go off me and I could hurry on the cross trainer (where I burnt a good 500 kcal in 40 minutes at a nice medium heart rate) and then on to the spinning bike for some 25 or so minutes, listening to my old Nationalgalerie "Indiana" tape, feeling like in 1994 (or 95?). Such good music, that reminded me of being at the pool in B. during Summercamps and of Thorsten.
I really love the Spinning Bikes, these days, btw. Since I found the right adjustment, my bum and privys don't hurt anymore, and goodness, that thing really gives a good workout, even though one apparently moves less than on the cross trainer. I was really just a sweaty heap once I was done, really. Finished up with crunches and some stretching and was a little less annoyed. Even though the "time at the gym" vs. "actual work out" ratio just sucked.
In the futuer I should head to the Fitness Mix hour in the morn, and if Yoga is on, do Yoga afterwards. But I will *not* head to the gym just for Yoga. Nope. Nope. Nope. So glad I ended up bringing my shoes this morn. If I hadn't, I couldn't have done anything today.


I feel good today, bodywise, btw. My arms are starting to look better again. And my bum, too. Am pondering whether I should go to the sucky Bodystyling class by Marcus again tomorrow. A last chance for him maybe? If he does the exact same stuff as the two times before, it might be the last class by him that I go to though. Should prolly give Tina and ring and ask whether she wants to come along. Which I doubt. Enough body-talk though. I should go work on my little new project that is to be revealed soonish.