Saturday, July 21, 2001

Haven't had much to blog or write about these past few days, really.

Thursday was pretty unexciting, the highlight of the day was the fact I closed down the Scarleteen Boards (just until Sunday) and that I had a nice big work out at the gym.
In honour of Rest Day at the tour, I went to a spinning class, which was great and felt like L'Alpe d'Huez to me. I think I have never sweat that much in my life - big fat drops were rolling down my nose, quite funny.
Was very enjoyable, if borderline, really, the air in the smaller room sure sucked. They really need to do something about the air conditioning/ventilation in that room. Yuck.

Yesterday was very busy - spend the morn at Planned Parenthood, working on the website (I just need the new photos, and then I am all done with the preliminiary one), and later went out for lunch with Gerhard at the restaurant where we'll have the big Men's party in October. It was surprisingly good & yummy and most definitely good for the two of us. No tension, but interesting chit-chat instead. Not too shabs, me thinks.
Talked with the cook, too, who showed us the room and also made us realise that no one had discussed the details of the party and buffet with him till then. How very sucky. In any way, he seemed cooperative enough. At least something.

Came home around 4ish, feeling a bit sicklish because of the large lunch and hence did not go to my Yoga class but rather lounged in front of the TV and watched the tour. Was better that way, indeed. :)

Slept in today, went shopping, got things from the dry-cleaners and have watched the tour since noon (while painting my toenails in fake rouge-noir), all quite exciting today, indeed. Feel rather tired and loungey, and don't know how I shall spend the rest of the day, really. I might hit the streetparty in front of my house sometime tonight (won't be able to sleep anyway, as loud as they are), but somehow, everyone seems to have left town this weekend. Duh. Might ask Fritz, but I bet he is already busy catching up with his mates.

Oh well. If all else fails, I'll just go to bed early and read a little. Got a little pack from the rents today, with the Lance training book (which reminded me that I indeed finally need a heart rate monitor) and some law texts that I need to sort in. Now have six law packs waiting for me. Hmph, that'll take a few hours, I bet. Should prolly get that done tomorrow at the latest. Don't think I'll hit the gym today, a little too warm now; I think I shall go tomorrow morning instead, and do some bodystyling and spend a while on the spinning bike.

On a sidenote, it's remarkable, how much time I have to spare, btw, when the boards are closed. I mean, I do not spend *that* much time there, but it's at least an hour in the morn, really, being busy with the 1324th pregnancy scare and discussing for the 967th time why spermicidal condoms suck. Gah. There are only that many times one can give the exact same adive again and again.

"Through repetition the magic will be forced to rise."

In any way, almost everyone seems to be suffering from withdrawal, Brianna was looking for some other teen sexuality boards yesterday morn (and we together discovered some evil places that make ST look like an inclusive-non-heterosexist-diverse-love-bubble); Beppie was spending time at the Ms. boards, looking for a kick from the super feminists.

I currently use's TdF Forum for procastination purposes, and that board sure is entertaining enough. The whole thing there made me realize again what it's like to be a newbie at an UBB - and what it's like to have relatively little knowledge on something, yet lots of opinions to share.

Anyway. Off to fully concentrate on the last few km of today's stage. Lance just took off and left Jan behind....yet again! :)

I love the tour.