Thursday, July 05, 2001

Auto-generated poetry from this site.
Not too shabs, me thinks.

and she gets it up, doing
porn movies again

johannes thing on it was a
good idea
we were only he was
on a tv camera.

sucks pretty
much prefer this
summer. being back

my plan of maybe that pic
pics i see
will probably
but I am
more than
you would be
flirting, for

sometime this
dark blue
violet pink do half
a large rubber balls in a little
old. room.

and no need to earn my right
behind the complete opposite.

she kept
bashing him for the funniest thing
saw flesh.
and get me, on trains. but
it was first
time anyone but still a letter
from him
yet again!

at the tram, through
the cute fuzzy and
bad wanting

oh well