Saturday, July 28, 2001

Am a bit better today. Not spectacular, but better.

Slept well last night and dreamt lots. Had one very bizarre and scary dream (that I thankfully have forgotten the details off) and one oh-so-amazing dream featuring Ev that felt very very real and was all nice and specific and great.
Surprisingly enough, he seems to have had a similar dream last night. At least something, eh? This dream probably was the result of all those longing thoughts from yestersay (or the pre-freezed sheets?). *sigh* Can't wait to see him again. Really can't wait to see him.

Woke up nice and early and decided to use those first few cool hours of the day and went online and promptly met Ev and had a nice little chat with him (even though icq discussions really aren't anything like the real thing). He's going to a party where Jen will be today, and it really doesn't bother me. At all. Oh, how long have I wanted to feel that way?
Went to bed again for another hour of dozing (and freezing! now that felt great to be cold!) and then got ready to get food for the weekend, including a little bottle of champagne which shall be had when Lance wins tomorrow. Oh, how I will miss the tour. Already over again, these three weeks passed by very quickly.

In any way, it's all pretty ok now. Am not feeling fantastic, but okay, and that's an improvement, after all. It's very very hot over here, and I wear as little as possible and try not to move too much or move away from my little ventilator. It really is too hot to work out or to sit in the sun. I think instead of going to the gym tomorrow morn, I'll go for a swim at the open air pool instead, really early in the morn (before the families and teens are there). I really am a bit worried about doing any other kind of work out, it's just too fucking hot, really, and the ozone levels are very high.
I bet working out now would kill me. I have notices that I see little flashes at the edges of my field of vision sometimes (even when I am just sitting around) and just know that this weather isn't too good for me. I need to drink more. duh. Am not made for this weather. 5° less would be better. Oh well, shouldn't whine.

Well, well. Am not in the greatest blogging mood, really, and not just because my brain is a bit too warm.
Was all silent yesterday, simply because I was away for much of the day working at Planned Parenthood (which was good, even though I was a bit enraged by the two usual suspects again) and just didn't feel like blogging either.
Am still a bit dissapointed about something someone said and am most definitely not planning to forget it and play nice and pretend all is well and hop in again without being asked. Nope. No way.

I justed hopped over to dm (my fave shop) again to buy some more weekend necessities (now please die laughing: a nice smelling, cooling shower gel, shaving gel, foot peeling) to survive the weekend and beautify me and ran into some idiot from the fraternity I used to spend time at. Argh. "I haven't seen you around in ages." Oh, what a loss. Not really. And if you really missed me, you know where I live, idiot.

Other things on my list for this weekend:

  • clean the kitchen and bathroom;
  • dust the real room;
  • paint toe nails and beautify feet to make them sandal pretty again;
  • sleep lots;
  • do some washining by hand;
  • watch the tour; and
  • stay relaxed and cool (not that I know how. I am already wearing nothing but a skimpy dress and literally melting away).

Sounds good to me. Maybe more later.

Typing is enough to make me break out in a sweat. Argh.